The Sound of Harvest - by Ray Hughes

Article by Ray Hughes

Throughout the ages, harvest time has signified many things to many people. There have been songs, books, legends and poems that herald the joys of this special time of reward and reaping. There are also accounts of this time being one of devastation and weeping.

The harvest has always been extremely significant to God and His people, as well as their enemies. The enemies of Israel always seemed to show up at harvest time. After God’s people had toiled, sown and nurtured their crops, the Midianites or the Philistines stood by to invade, destroy or steal the harvest that was to sustain His people through the next seasons.

Typically a harvest is the spiritual parallel to what, in our time, we know as a “revival,” although I personally feel that there is a distinction between revival and harvest. I feel that revival has more to do with the spiritual condition of the church. The Old Testament harvests can be likened to the fields of humanity that are to be reaped into the kingdom in the end times, mentioned in the New Testament. Through the centuries, significant moves of God have caused masses of lost and purposeless souls to be saved. These revival harvests are the enormous yields of fruit produced from the seed sown and toil invested in a nation or area.

From the time that Jesus walked the earth to now, we have been commissioned to bring in the great spiritual harvest of souls for His kingdom. Although God’s enemies are still standing by trying to thwart the purposes of God and to steal the harvest right out of our hands, we can’t forget that He who is with us is greater than those who are against us. 
God has a plan and God has provision.

Virtually all the great revivals and harvests in past generations have had a musical sound that was unique to that move of God. At times it appeared that the music is what defined the revival, and at other times it seemed that the revival defined the music or sound. Whether it is a highly publicized musical sound or the sound of weeping and wailing in prayer, the Holy Spirit graces it with His presence and His power to fulfill His purpose.

Scripture tells us that many times we will see things manifest first in the natural and then in the spirit. God has recently given a new scientific parable for what He is now spiritually releasing into the earth through a fascinating new technique called “Sonic Bloom.” Let’s take a look at what the song birds of the air have to do with bringing in the greatest harvest the earth has ever seen.

In the nation of Indonesia, the Crop Agricultural Service has reported that the rice crop per hectare (2.47 acres) has more than doubled, and the growing time has been shortened so much that they can grow three crops per year instead of just two. Very soon they will be able to fit four crops into each growing season. They have also reported a 125 percent increase in yields of ginger, potatoes and onions. Throughout the U.S. and other nations, there are reports today of soybean plants producing up to 300 pods per plant when the norm is only 30-35. Corn is growing 18-22 feet high with several ears per stem. Apple yields have increased 50 percent with the zinc content 1,750 percent higher per apple. Strawberry yields are 300 percent higher. Fruit is showing increased sugar levels and greater resistance to disease and bugs. Tomato crops are mature 35 days sooner and the yields have nearly doubled. Bell peppers are bearing 50 peppers per plant instead of the normal 4-5. All of the fruits and vegetables have a shelf life twice as long as normal, with incredible increases in vitamins, minerals, sugar and flavor. The list goes on and on. What is happening to these crops to cause such incredible harvests? Believe it or not it is 100 percent natural, 100 percent organic and 100 percent biblical. These plants are being awakened by a sound that allows them to more fully receive what they need to mature, thrive and increase at astonishing rates.

It began during the Korean War when a young American soldier witnessed a Korean mother deliberately throw her four-year-old’s legs under the back wheels of a military truck. A crippled child was a far greater asset to a begging family’s income and was the only way she knew to keep her family alive. The young soldier walked away horrified and weeping. He spent the next few days in his foxhole praying, thinking and searching for answers. Later he learned that 40 percent of the area’s farmers had starved to death that year because they would not eat the seed that was to be planted for next year’s harvest. Dan Carlson, the young soldier, went home from that experience determined for the Lord to use him to help end the world’s hunger problem. He gave the next decade of his life to study and research, prayer and experimentation.

Carlson discovered that God’s original method of watering the plants of the earth is, in fact, still God’s best for today. Genesis 2:6 tells us that “a mist went up from the earth and watered the whole face of the ground.” It turns out that plants are able to obtain 72% of their nutritional requirements through their leaves via thousands of mouth-like pores, called the stomata, on the surface of the leaves. Plants translocate excess nutrients from their leaves down to their root system to condition the soil and store up nutrients for future use. From this revelation, Carlson began tediously developing a perfectly balanced, nutrient-rich spray that could be misted onto plants’ leaves. In theory, it was to be like the mist that rose from the nutrient-rich soil of the Garden of Eden. Once finished with his laborious and prayer-filled task, he found that a leaf could absorb 300 percent more nutrients from his spray than from any other foliar spray.

In his studies he also came across some research that proved there were certain sound frequencies that could stimulate the leaf stomata to open. With this newfound information, he experimented with various frequencies until he found that 3,000 to 5,000 kHz range did the trick. When used in conjunction with the spray, the leaf was able to absorb a phenomenal 700 percent more nutrients than normal, causing unheard of results in the plants.

When a musicologist friend heard the sounds that Carlson was using on plants, his ear immediately recognized the pitch, and he began his portion of the research. He soon made the connection that the sounds that the birds make just before dawn are of the perfect frequency to have the same effect on plants as Carlson’s recording. No one has ever been able to explain why birds sing in that hour before dawn. Those particular songs are not mating songs or territorial calls. They just sing. We now know that they sing to awaken the seeds and plants from their dormancy to receive life-giving nutrients from the morning dew. This two-fold process of sound and mist is what causes the harvest to be so abundant in the examples given above. (

May we all have an ear to hear what the Lord is saying through this parable to His church for today. The Lord is adding a new element of fresh revelation to accelerate His harvest that is already in process. The cornfields are already there and have been growing for years. But the “now” of harvest will simply be a miraculous acceleration of increase. God is revealing the purpose of the new sound in our generation. Just as the song that the bird sings immediately before dawn has, until now, been unidentifiable, the role of this new spiritual song has oftentimes been somewhat of a mystery. Psalm 40:3 says, “He has put a new song in my mouth—praise to our God; many will see it and fear, and will trust in the LORD.” The Hebrew definition of the word praise here is Tehillah, which means a laudation and spontaneous song of worship. When the new song of praise is sung, the Lord will allow people to see the song, their eyes will be opened and they will be compelled to fear God and put their trust in Him.

This new Sonic Bloom release is not going to eliminate the need for true prayer, preaching, prophecy and praise as they all relate to the harvest. These four fundamentals are obviously used by the Holy Spirit to accomplish many things in the kingdom outside of the roles they play in the harvest, and they will always be effective in the sowing and planting and in releasing the light of His gospel truth. They are effective in faithfully plowing the ground, weeding out the plantings of the enemy and reaping the awesome plantings of the Lord, as well as breaking open the heavens to cause an outpouring of life-giving water to fall back down into the thirsty soil.

Much like condensation, our praise and worship rises, only to return to produce a potential spiritual health in a region or nation. Since the time of the Tabernacle of David, I don’t know of a generation in history that has placed more of an emphasis on praise than the present generation. The praise and worship movement of the last two decades has surprisingly continued to be a force in Christianity. When it started some felt that it was simply another trend in Christianity and felt that it would lose its steam like many other seasonal emphases. But I think everyone would agree that it is proving to be more than a seasonal emphasis; it has become a dominant factor in Christian life. Praise and worship really can’t be seasonal but must be a lifestyle, for that is the way God intended it.

In the last twenty years, God has been faithful not to allow His people to remain trapped in selfish ambition beyond repair. He has rescued many from seasons of self-indulgence. He continues to reveal His heart for true worship, and He is dramatically bringing His people back to a heart and passion for worship, humility and obedience. He has been preparing and posturing us to prophetically receive and release the freshly-proclaimed “new sound” with purity. As it begins to be unleashed anew into the earth, there is coming a great and victorious harvest of souls, the fruit of which will be above and beyond what anyone has ever seen or heard of on the earth before.

In Dr. Carlson’s research, there were certain sound frequencies that stimulated the pores to open. Some of those frequencies are above hearing range: they are ultrasonic. Simply said, they are a sound too high for us. But I believe that we are at a time when God is going to release the sound of His pure word. And it will be a certain sound, causing mouths to open “that He might fill them.” This new sound will release the spiritual nutrients of heaven to go to the very depths of those who are the plantings of the Lord and to all of the harvest fields that have been lying spiritually dormant, never reaching their full potential in God. It is time for the church and the lost to be so impacted by the new sound that our lives are opened up to the infilling of the Holy Spirit and we produce the miraculous fruit that we were created for. It is time that our lives come into agreement with the worship of all of creation and join in this end-time Sonic Bloom.

David sings in Psalm 108:1-6 about the praise of his soul being sung among the nations and being sent forth to awaken the dawn. He prays that the Lord would be exalted so that the ones that God loves may be delivered: 
1My heart is steadfast, O God; I will sing, I will sing praises, even with my soul.
2Awake, harp and lyre; I will awaken the dawn!
3I will give thanks to Thee, O LORD, among the peoples; and I will sing praises to 
Thee among the nations.
4For Thy lovingkindness is great above the heavens; and Thy truth {reaches} to the skies.
5Be exalted, O God, above the heavens, and Thy glory above all the earth.
6That Thy beloved may be delivered, save with Thy right hand, and answer me!

May our hearts be steadfast as we pray our prayers, as we sing our praises, as we preach our sermons and as we declare our prophetic words. May we live thankful lives among the people every day. May the song of love to our God resound through the nations, for His lovingkindness to us is great. May the truth of His word declared upon the lips of those who love Him reach to the skies. May God be exalted in such power that it releases His glory over all the earth, so that those He loves may experience victories that can only be wrought by His mighty right hand. May our hearts be so attuned to His love that we would be counted as harps and lyres, instrumental in awakening the dawn.

Forever Praising,
Ray Hughes


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