About Us

MICHOP was dedicated in September of 2010 as a strategic regional and state gathering place for prayer and worship.

By following the will of God we are establishing a place to function as a day and night prayer center connecting the 83 counties of Michigan. 

Its strategic position will powerfully address the governmental sector and will strengthen the effects of the body of Christ to engage in desperate prayer and worship on behalf of our state and its government leaders. 

The MICHOP facility will become a command center where God's desires will be heard, declared and carried out.
Director:  Gina Johnsen
Pastoral Support  and Administration:  Wendy Waterson
Day Captains:  Donna Newell, Cindy Holliday, Toivo Hinamanu
Volunteer Support:   Cindy Jepsen, Paul Liu, Garry Rowe, Kevin Huntley, Troy Carrigan, Leslie Jakeway, Anne Hill, Gwen Hummel, Kim Laforet, Lana Gallagher