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Prayer focus for MICHOP is set each week.  Prayer points come through the leading of the Spirit, as He indicates what to pray for our city, region, state and nation. You can be included in these weekly email prayers by contacting us and asking to be included in them. 



  1. Pray for change, in our own lives as well as in America.
  2. Repent and receive God’s viewpoint in all matters.
  3. Read Bible and understand how God intended us to live and to treat each other, to govern and to preserve freedoms.
  4. Turn from wickedness of all kinds. Turn from compromise, rationalization, and bad habits that keep us from thriving.
  5. Sacrifice time, energy and money to assist in making godly, righteous, compassionate changes in our communities together.

We receive suggested prayer points from  MICHOP Day Captains and other prayer team members who are praying in scheduled time periods, and we are also willing to consider prayer points submitted via email.  We welcome submissions from each of the 7 arenas of society:  our legislators and government workers and officials, educators, marketplace and business people, those in or connected to the military, those active in arts and media, requests concerning the Church, and concerns for our precious families

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If you visit MICHOP, there are materials available to assist your prayers for the 7 "mountains," the nation of Israel, and our state elected officials.


Dear Friends:

Here is your Michigan Mondays issue for prayer this week. We encourage you to pray all week through these kinds of concerns and issues. 

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- We have come a long way in supporting Israel, praise God! The blessing is ours when we bless Israel (Gen 3). Praise God for Trump's leadership in this and for UN Ambassador Nikki Haley's stance before the United Nations on our behalf.
- We have achieved a tax break that will put more dollars in most people's pockets for taking care of their families and for giving to charities and causes. History/research also shows that when taxes are reduced, jobs increase, charitable giving increases, spending that circulates throughout the economy increases (producing even more jobs), and overall tax base/revenue for the government increases. Now we need to still pray (and vote) that the government money God has entrusted to us and that we now have turned over to the federal government, will be spent in godly ways that honor God and people.
- Successful U.S. Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch should benefit overall truthfulness and righteous judgements for USA. May the Lord bring forth even more godly Supreme Court justices. 
- U.S. abortion rates are now lowest since it was legalized in 1973. Planned Parenthood takes credit for helping women get access to more birth control, all while they make billions of dollars on abortions and the resale of fetal body parts. This is gross hypocrisy! But, we are glad the abortion rates are down nationally. Let's pray for a greater decrease in 2018, as well as an increased sense of God's purity and standards that lead to life and health in every way, improving marriage and divorce rates (which set us up for the abortion issue). What is truly best for children is that they have 2 parents that live and work together in the same household as they parent. Let's pray for continued success in these areas. We also pray for decreased desire to use abortion pills to end life, as these are usually unreported abortions as well. SAVE THE BABIES AND THE MOTHERS!
- Unity in the Church increasing - praise God! We have seen evidence of this in many situations in our communities. Keep praying for it.
2. STATE OF MICHIGAN - all 83 counties, all cities and townships

- Schools/Students - back in school now and we pray for God's presence to accompany them everywhere they go. May His Spirit of love and identity draw them to Him/to truth, until they realize how valued they are and come into their divine purposes and destinies. We bless the teachers with grace to teach and encourage out of God's wisdom and godly principles.
- Abortions in MI sharply decreased the last several years compared to 1980s rates. However, we still have much work and praying to do: 1 of 6 Michigan pregnancies ends in abortion. We can teach better than that in our communities/churches. "The truth shall set you free", so let's teach the truth!  We can encourage life and put a higher value on having children and raising children. 28% of abortions involve the abortion pill (over double the 2010 numbers on abortion pill). Black women are 5 times more likely than white women to get an abortion in MI. 17% of MI's female population is black females, yet 48% of the abortions obtained by MI residents were conducted by black females (1 in 3 black pregnancies ended in abortion). We ask for God's forgiveness and mercy to turn this statistic around and raise up the godly leaders in our black communities in MI. We ask God to elevate those who know and are willing to lead in truth and love. May they become the leaders in MI, so that the "truth can set us free" from all desire to abort, end life of any kind, and to disrespect God's most valued resource: people. Teenage abortions are at an all time low, praise God. 70% of MI abortions were with women in their 20s. 90% of abortions were to unmarried women. We speak life to our mothers and the babies, instead of death to unborn babies. We plead for all our races to have life, and especially those who are experiencing the most bloodshed. We keep praying for our church leaders to have the wisdom and courage to teach how to have healthy marriages and families. 
- We failed to reform our auto insurance rates which are horrible burdens to our citizens. MI has highest rates in the nation, which is gross unfairness and a result of dirty dealing. We end the dirty dealing, in Jesus' name. Bring forth the righteous, fair rates and standards.
- Marriage rates have increased and divorce rates have not. Marriage and family is the most important aspect of any community.
- Pray for unity in our churches/Christians in MI, and for the entire Church to wake up and become active in all parts of leadership in the community. We need every watchman on the "wall", not just some showing up for their posts. We call all the Christians in MI to active participation in loving, leading and caring for each other, the community, and in all realms of the culture: family, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, and business. We trade complacency, apathy and hopelessness for effectiveness in every part of the culture. 
 - TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS in our State Senate - 5 senators to pray for this week: Joe Hune, Bert Johnson, Rick Jones, David Knezek, Marty Knollenberg. 
Peace and righteousness to prevail in our MI senate, and especially with these 5 senators named. We ask for God's grace to come upon them so they would be drawn to His Word, His truth and His righteous ways. May they know the difference between right and wrong. May they cease to make unholy deals and alliances. May they repent of all wickedness or be exposed in order to be removed from the senate. This is the year to have purity restored to our state senate and all governmental leaders in MI. We ask for protection and healing for our senators, and that they would yield to God's healing, redemptive power in their lives. May they be restored to a posture of worship of Almighty God.
Senator (name)
Binsfield Building
201 Townsend St
Lansing, MI 48933

We write to our Senators to thank them for their service to Michigan and to let them know that they have folks like us at MICHOP and throughout the state who care enough to take the time to pray for them. (Suggestion in writing to them: "Dear Senator X, Thank you for your service to Michigan! We at MICHOP are praying for you, your staff and your family. God bless you as you serve MI in honesty and wisdom.")

- We pray for sustained health and healing for the following MICHOP folks: Myra Noble, Wendy Jackson, Patty Rhines, Millie Kallman, Leslie Jakeway, Linda Jakeway, Connie Kranich (praise God, she is healed of cancer), Donna Newell, Helen Boettcher, Sam Collier, Linda Hughes, Nicole, Rep John Reilly, Pastor Joe Benedict, families of Ruth Fransted and Joy Gaddis and Rev Thomas Wang, who all passed on to glory this holiday season. 

YEAR OF 2018: The Church in Michigan -
1. We all are being called to advance the Kingdom of God. Participation in prayer and in actionable leadership in our communities. Restored leadership in government and in supporting God's people who are willing to lead in this sphere of the culture. Everyone is a watchman on the wall, not just some showing up for their posts. 
2. Unity in our churches, and among all the Christians in MI. 
3. Speaking the truth in love - no more silence among us. We must speak while we have permission to speak and advance truth. 
4. Hebrew year 5778 - 5 is grace, 7 is completion and perfection, 8 is new beginnings, a year of life, impulse and momentum. It is a gate/door to a new beginning.
5. Worship opens the portals of heaven - we learn to worship together this year, reaching a new level in depth, joy, and insight.
6. Acknowledge the battle - we are at war, but God is the victor. We win if we remain in Him. 2 Kings 6. Psalm 34.

God's blessing on all of you, as you intercede faithfully for the leaders and fellow Christians in Michigan and throughout the USA. May you experience His rich blessing as you "do the time" to pray. We are so grateful to partner with you!

Dear Friends:

Here is your Michigan Mondays issue for prayer this week. We encourage you to pray all