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Prayer focus for MICHOP is set through email.  Prayer points come through research and the leading of the Spirit, as He indicates what to pray for our city, region, state and nation. You can be included in these email prayers by contacting us and asking to be included in them. 



  1. Pray for change, in our own lives as well as in America.
  2. Repent and receive God’s viewpoint in all matters.
  3. Read Bible and understand how God intended us to live and to treat each other, to govern and to preserve freedoms.
  4. Turn from wickedness of all kinds. Turn from compromise, rationalization, and bad habits that keep us from thriving.
  5. Sacrifice time, energy and money to assist in making godly, righteous, compassionate changes in our communities together.

We receive suggested prayer points from  MICHOP Staff and other prayer team members who are praying in scheduled time periods, and we are also willing to consider prayer points submitted via email.  We welcome submissions from each of the 7 arenas of society:  our legislators and government workers and officials, educators, marketplace and business people, those in or connected to the military and law enforcement, those active in arts and media, requests concerning the Church, and concerns for our precious families

See an example of a prayer guide below, or sign up on the contact page to receive a weekly email which contains this prayer focus! 

If you visit MICHOP, there are materials available to assist your prayers for the 7 "mountains," the nation of Israel, and our state elected officials.


I Tim 2:1-2 – Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.
Matthew 28:6 - He is not here! For He has been resurrected, just as He said. Come and see the place where He lay.

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Dear Friends:

WELCOME to this issue of MICHOP's prayer email alert, your MI prayer guide. We encourage you to fast with us each Monday for the State of Michigan and pray all week through these kinds of concerns and issues. Please feel free to email us and give additional input for future prayers and to inform us of issues around the state.

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RESOURCES: - to find your state representative

SALT AND LIGHT GLOBAL: Stay informed on Michigan's pertinent legal and educational issues that affect (  This is the parent organization for Great Lakes Justice Center.


For USA:
1. Wisdom and protection for our President, Vice President, staff and families.
2. Wisdom in all international matters, and that Israel would be honored.
3. The life of the unborn, newly born elderly, and people of all ages and races and backgrounds would be considered lives worth saving and investing in. We ask for hearts and minds and policies to always move in the direction of saving lives and encouraging healthy families and communities. 
4. Security and honesty at our borders. 
5. Safe communities where law enforcement is encouraging and strong, while people are respectful and honoring to them. Decrease crime and expose evil/terrorism.
6. Godly appointment of judges throughout the country.
7. Elections would be fraud-free and honest in all regards.
8. Government would stay in the jurisdiction they were intended to be, not abusive or over-reaching, and honoring individual privacy and property, right to religious practice and expression, parental rights in raising children, and in medical decisions/caring for one's body and health, etc.

For Michigan:
1. Safe roads, safe schools, safe communities.
2. Honest and wise government - state, city, township, village, and county.
3. Highest governmental regard for families and rights of parents to oversee care of their children according to their consciences.
4. Respect for life of born and unborn, young and old, rich and poor!
5. Reduce suicide and crime against humanity - cultural honor for all people and property. "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." - this kind of culture taking root and bearing fruit in all areas of MI.
6. Businesses that care for employees and customers in respectful, loving ways. Sharing of resources and honesty in all practices. Prosperity for our MI businesses, and job opportunities that help people provide for themselves and their families.
7. Clean water, air, and soil - healthy crops and prosperous farmers.
8. Governor, Attorney General, Sec of State, Legislators and Judges - safety, good health, healthy marriages, and the ability to exercise godly authority according to the Biblical guide we have. May they lead us toward peaceful lives in all arenas. Honesty in all spending and oversight of resources. Judges to rule in favor of what is best for children and families.

God's blessing on you, the faithful intercessors of Michigan. You are changing our state, together through prayer and action. Thank you for your commitment and example.